Natural Stone, Tile & Grout Care Guide

The most common question we get from our customers is “How should I clean and maintain my natural stone floor?” As a full service restoration provider, we believe our customers should be educated on how to properly maintain and preserve their investment. We are pleased to provide you with this Tile and Stone Care Guide, which provides helpful information on the care and maintenance of natural stone. It covers the most common questions asked. Our company specializes in grinding, polishing, honing, and cleaning and sealing of all natural stone including granite, travertine, marble, concrete, and limestone. Full service we like to say! If you have any questions not covered in our guide, 

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Martin Escobedo
Advanced Stone & Tile Restorations


Thank you to... 
Maurizio Bertoli, a recognized and respected authority on the care and maintenance of natural stone, who generously contributed so much to the development of this guide, that played such an important role and shared the vision to deliver accurate information to the consumer of natural stone, tile & grout. As a graduate of “MB’s” school, it was a sad day when we heard that we lost such a great advocate and mentor to a car accident. All of your teachings will go on in time MB! Product recommendations are all from